Giving Back

We contribute to local initiatives supporting culture and country in meaningful ways through businesses led by our Indigenous Bundjalung community. We do this through contributing a minimum of 5% of revenue (not profit) each year. Contributions include: financial, produce and access to land to facilitate workshops.

Our offering to community was established in July 2022 and since then we have been walking, talking, listening and learning with our community, to honour and respect what we do in the right way (with a lot of learning still to be done).

Heart and Mind

We believe being caretakers of this beautiful land comes with great responsibility to honour our collective mother through holistic, organic practises that are nurturing of environment and community. Grounded in these values we have centred our offering to community and the work on the land to ensure it is in deep connection with the earth and its people.

We have an opportunity to lean into the innate wisdom of our indigenous community, to learn how to honour and respect the land in the right way - something they have done since time immemorial. We are doing this with valued members of the Bundjalung region, an ongoing conversation. Marlikka Perdrisat recently said in her TedX talk that resonated with us - “Us as human beings must use the past in the present to protect the future.”

With grateful hearts we would like to recognise the work of the previous caretaker of this land – Sue and her passion for regeneration through native, endemic plants and trees. She had a vision in 1995 when she bought this land, and at the time it was cleared paddocks and cattle country. Her vision was to bring this land back to symbiotic ecology – one that existed before colonisation.

This land is special and holds many opportunities to bring community together – we currently do this through a variety of initiatives centred around nurturing the ecosystem and relationships with self, our mother and community. We also have plans to do more in 2024 and are always open for the land to serve any purpose with those who may have similar hearts and minds, if this is you – we encourage you to reach out.

Rainforest Nurture

Our family live on 13 acres, of which 9 acres cover a rainforest regeneration project which is something we are passionate about.  We are situated 5km’s from where the last 1% remains of the Big Scrub exist, an important part of this country’s rich biodiversity heritage. Prior to colonisation the Big Scrub covered 75,000ha and was the largest expanse of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia.

Within the rainforest there are 7 threatened species of plants and animals; including the following plants: Southern Orchrosia, Thorny Pea, Green-leaved Rose Walnut and including the following animals: Grey-headed Flying-fox, Koala, Rose-crowned Fruit-dove and White-eared Monarch all inhabiting the rainforest.

This area also contains a remanent patch of Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia listed as critically endangered. There is so much life, beauty and ecology
present throughout the rainforest and to us it is important we continue the work Sue has done to regenerate and help the rainforest continue to grow and thrive. We are so fortunate to work with some incredible mentors and friends who are helping guide us to do this.

Proudly working with...

We are grateful to work alongside the following associations and businesses.